New Cheetah Predion E16 Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


The Cheetah® Predion E16 Raw is for the player seeking precise control, formidable power, crazy spin, a softer feel and extended reach.

Precise Control

With its raw Toray T700 carbon fiber facing and thick core, the Predion E16 Raw is very much a control paddle, allowing you to drop shots into the kitchen and effectively compete in soft dink battles.

And because carbon fiber is more stiff than other materials, it provides a low deflection rate and allows you to place your shots with tactical precision.

Formidable Power

When you need a powerful overhead slam or drive from the baseline, the Predion E16 Raw delivers.

At 8 ounces, the Predion E16 Raw delivers plenty of mass and effortless acceleration, translating into tremendous force and power.

And as speed increases the farther away you get from the axis of an arc, the elongated Predion E16 Raw gives you longer arc strikes, further increasing power.

Even backhands from the baseline can be performed with an effortless flick of the wrist.

Crazy Spin

Spin shots are created with the swing path of the paddle and the relative angle of the paddle face to deliver directional forces on the ball.

But the Predion E16 Raw uses raw Toray T700 carbon fiber to increase these forces with a unique micro-texture.

It doesn’t use “grit paint” that wears off after time. The micro-texture is provided by the actual texture created by the carbon fiber weave. It will not wear off.

Softer Feel

The combination of a 16 mm thick polypropylene honeycomb core and a raw Toray T700 carbon fiber facing gives the Predion E16 Raw a soft feel.

Extended Reach

At 16.5 inches long, the elongated Predion E16 Raw allows you to reach shots you couldn’t reach before and attack lob attempts with powerful overhead slams.

Guaranteed Durability

The Predion E16 Raw has a lifetime guarantee against core and edgeguard breakdown.

Direct to Consumer Savings

Cheetah® pickleball doesn’t sell to retailers and doesn’t have to set higher prices in order to guarantee a 40% profit margin for them.

We only sell direct to you.

This also gives you the advantage of dealing directly with the manufacturer, in case return issues arise.


When you buy a Cheetah® Predion E16 Raw, you’ll receive a pair of Jorestech Protective Eyeware.

These glasses are ANSI Z87+ Certified and provide UV (UVA and UVB radiation) protection. Plus, they have yellow tinted lenses that block blue light. And as you may know, blue light, with its shorter wavelength, scatters easier than other colors and makes focusing on objects difficult. Removing blue light improves sharpness, enhances contrast, improves depth perception and even reduces eye fatigue.

You’ll also receive 3 Cheetah® M45 pickleballs.

The Cheetah® M45 pickleball provides one-piece performance with a mid-compression feel. The M45 is a one-piece, mid-compression pickleball, designed to perform on outdoor surfaces and in outdoor conditions.

It meets all USA Pickleball requirements and is approved for tournament play.

The Cheetah® M45 uses a rotation molding process that achieves seamless and even wall thickness. The M45s play fast, fly straight and have predictable bounces off the court and hits off your paddle.

They perform as well as the other tournament-style pickleballs but have an improved feel and are more comfortable to play with.

Get the Predion E16 Raw

The Cheetah® Predion E16 Raw is USA Pickleball Approved and ready for tournament play. Try it for 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it for a 100% refund, as long as the paddle is in playable condition without any scratches or chips. All Cheetah pickleball paddles are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.