Cheetah Pickleball Rewards Program

After you make a purchase from Cheetah Pickleball, we enroll you into the Cheetah Pickleball Rewards Program.

You are given a personal coupon code unique to you. You can use this code to receive 10% off any purchase from Cheetah Pickleball, including paddles, pickleballs, shirts and other accessories. We’ll email your personal coupon code to you after your first purchase.

When you share your coupon code with friends, and they use it to make a purchase at Cheetah Pickleball, they receive 10% off their purchase. Plus, we add 10% of their purchase to your digital, reloadable gift card, redeemable at Cheetah Pickleball.

So please share your personal coupon code via email, text, social media channels and through face-to-face interactions.

The coupon code does not have any expiration date and can be used multiple times. It just can’t be used for items that are already on sale and can’t be combined with other coupon codes.

You may be enrolled in the PICKLRZ Rewards Program, where we issued you a digital, reloadable gift card redeemable at PICKLRZ and seeded it with $5. If so, we transferred your membership to Cheetah Pickleball and doubled the reward amount. We will generate a new gift card upon your first referral to Cheetah Pickleball and email the information to you.