Cheetahâ„¢ M45 pickleballs meet all USA Pickleball Requirements regarding diameter, weight, hardness, number of holes and bounce height, and have been approved for tournament play.

And because they are rotation molded, they are a one-piece, seamless pickleball with an even wall thickness and weight. This results in straighter flights and predictable bounces and hits.

Cheetah M45 Outdoor Pickleball

The difference in Cheetah M45s compared to other tournament-style pickleballs is that M45s have a medium compression, making them more comfortable to hit and more resistant to cracking.

They are 25-40% less expensive than other one-piece balls and use a flat pricing schedule, so you don’t have to buy a ton of pickleballs to get a good deal.

MetricCheetah M45Dura Fast 40Franklin X-40
Diameter (mm)747574
Weight (g)262626
Bounce (inches)323232